Smart Pet Health™
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Welcome to the support page - here we will try to answer your questions, resolve your problems and listen to your comments and suggestions. Remember - you are important to us!
 Support Desk  If you have purchased Smart Pet Health™ Professional, then you'll find a client number and password in an e-mail from our Support Team that allows you to login to our Support Desk. This is the preferred way of contacting us.

Click here to access our Support Desk (it will open a new window)
 Telephone/fax  You can call or send us a fax describing your problem or question if you prefer.

+1 (815) 301-8406
 Online Help  You can read the documentation for Smart Pet Health™ Professional online.

Click here to read online help (it will open a new window)
 Send an e-mail  If you have not yet purchased Smart Pet Health™ Professional, but have a question then you can send us an e-mail. Please note that those who already purchased should use the Support Desk above, as it enables us to provide better support.

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