Smart Pet Health™
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Smart Pet Health

Pet tracking made easy for animal shelters and kennels!

Smart Pet Health™ Professional is much more than just a health record program. It's ideal for animal shelters and breeders! This program will save you time and money, while keeping all your data organized, making sure you never miss an important medical appointment or shot. It will save health of your lovely animals and your nerves dealing with all that information!

If you have just a few animals, you know how hard and tedious it is to keep track of which animal needs what examination or a shot at which time, not forgetting its allergies and other conditions - what if you have over a hundred or a thousand?!

Congratulations! You just found an affordable (starting from only $149.95 US) and easy to use solution - Smart Pet Health™ Professional!

Smart Pet Health™ Professional is easily used on any local area network and even has a built-in chat feature to make sure you can contact your fellow workers at any time!

System Requirements: Smart Pet Health™ Professional does not require any special software/hardware, it is memory and resource-friendly and will run on the following systems: MS Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP ...and later versions.

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Smart Pet Health™ Professional keeps as much information (or as little) about your animals as you wish and includes (but not limited to):

  • Extensive pet profile, including a picture of the animal and owner information.
  • Adoption profile, one-click pre-defined animal information easy and quick to fill in.
  • Vaccinations and treatment information, including reminders that will alert you to upcoming events.
  • Information on carried examinations, including heartworm prevention.
  • Extensive medical condition information, including medical history, tests and continued treatments.
  • Miscellaneous information, including shows attended, expenses and other.
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One of the most important parts of Smart Pet Health™ Professional is its ability to print out the information it stores in an organized way. There are several reports that can be produced:

  • Health card - a complete report on the animal(s) selected. It is fully customizable.
  • Reminder - provides daily information for vaccination updates, treatments or testings.
  • Heartworm prevention - will print out a complete report on all animals in the facility that are on prevention, when they need their prevention and what they have been given.
  • FeLV/FIV reports - provides a report on cats that have been tested or not.
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Another very important feature of Smart Pet Health™ Professional that will save you time is the ability to instantly create HTML pages out of your data that you can publish on the Web:

  • Create your own template by simply replacing the HTML in the window provided - it is saved automatically and silently.
  • Insert tokens that will be replaced with real information from your database when the HTML pages are generated.
  • You can instantly preview how your page will look and make necessary adjustments before you publish on the Web.
  • Animal pictures will also be exported and inserted if you choose so - all you have to do is upload everything to the Web.
  • You have the freedom to give your own file name to each generated Web page, so you can manage them later with ease.
  • You can even print out these HTML pages and use them as kennel cage cards!
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Smart Pet Health™ Professional doesn't stop there and gives you full flexibility by allowing you to export your data to a text file that can be read by any other application:

  • You can define your own separator that will be inserted between data fields.
  • Insert tokens that will be replaced with real information from your database when the text file is generated.
  • You can define a header row that will be inserted at the top of the text file and can contain field descriptions, for example.
  • You can export pictures and they will be automatically named according to the pet ID and placed in the same directory.
  • It is easy to export animals to a file compliant with standard, so that you can upload it along with any images to their server and see your animals appear on their network with just one click.
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Best of all - you don't have to take our word for it! You can download Smart Pet Health™ Professional right now and try it out completely free!

And even if you decide that it doesn't suit your needs after you purchase it, don't worry - we have a 30 day full money back guarantee!

100% satisfaction guarantee!